Haunted places in california

Haunted Places in California

California is famous for its breathtaking mountains, scenic coastal vistas, iconic national parks, and elegant mansions. However, California is also the site of many of the country’s most haunted places. Here is a list of…

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summer in Australia

6 Ways to Live Like A Local during the Summer in Australia

If you are from the US, Europe, India, or one of the several countries where the month of December is generally winter where most people celebrate Christmas with the cold, you might find it a…

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Best Nicaragua Beaches

There are so many great beaches in Nicaragua that it makes it hard to narrow it down to just a few, but we’ve still managed to put together the list of the best Nicaragua beaches….

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touring Peru men rowing boat

Touring Peru: My Visit on a Floating Reed Island with the Uros People of Peru

If you are planning on touring Peru, then check out this article by Jill Dobbe, where she journals her experiences on a Floating Reed Island with the Uros People of Peru. The motorized rowboat sped…

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Finn travel in India

A Finnish Student’s India Experience. Craft beer, Elephants, Culture and Being Chased with A Stick

Asmo Esser, a law student from Finland, who came to India on a student exchange program shares his experiences about India. He visited several places in India like Bangalore, Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Rishikesh, and Varanasi….

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hostels in Bangalore

My Hostel Experience in Bangalore. Cuckoo vs Construkt

Finding a great place to stay can be the difference between a good travel and a great travel. Asmo Esser in this article tells us about his hostel experience in Bangalore. After arriving in Bangalore,…

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Travel around the world with Varun Suchday, 14 countries in one year

Varun Suchday traveled to 14 countries in 2015. Here is his story in his own words. If you are looking to travel around the world, his story will inspire you. On August 13th, 2015, I…

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hork ok please hostel mumbai Bandra

Horn Ok Please. The Backpackers Hostel Mumbai. A Review

A friend of mine from Finland introduced me to the travel and backpackers hostel concept. Before that, I had no idea about the travelers’ hostel concept. After I checked out the Travellers Hostel where my…

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Restaurants in Bangalore, The Indian Kitchen

If you want to experience the most popular dishes from anywhere in India, this may be the place for you. Vinil and I stopped in for the soft opening of one of the upscale restaurants…

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places in Bangalore

Budget Places in Bangalore to Stay and Live

The garden city of India now boasts of high end companies of the world hence, a lot of people flock in every day in multiplying numbers to make a living there. Looking for budget places…

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