Expat clubs in Bangalore

Expat Clubs in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to more than 10,000 expats. The biggest challenge when you move to a new country is to make new friends. We may not have connections from school and college for us to…

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rickshaw fare

How expats should watch the rickshaw fare in Bangalore

Since I last lived in India, the arrival of digital meters into Tuk-Tuk’s to calculate the rickshaw fare has created greater confidence that I am getting charged the right fare. I – and I may…

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transport system in india, expat life in Bangalore

Expat Life in Bangalore – My Taxi Experience

I’ve recently returned to India after a three year sojourn in the UK – my home. Moving from Northern Ireland to India is a culture shock regardless, however, with my experiences of living in Mumbai,…

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study in india

Why Study in India for Foreign Students is more expensive?

Why is study in India for foreign students more expensive? Many colleges and universities quote higher fees for NRI (Non-resident of India) and international students. Application forms of such colleges have three categories under the…

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sudder street

What To Expect in Sudder Street, Kolkota?

Think of Sudder Street when you land in Kolkata for best deals in hotels. Sudder Street, is located at the focal point of the city and on the rear of the heritage shopping complex Esplanade,…

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Kolkata Taxi Refusal – Whose is the Power To Refuse?

Taxi refusal is an everyday incident in Kolkata. The increasing taxi refusals have taken the passengers by awe, and the administration does nothing to correct this blunder. Most of the times, you will find the…

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best place to live in India

Is Bangalore The Best City to Live in India For Expats?

Talk to any Indian about Bangalore, and they will almost certainly (in my experience) inform you that it has the best climate in India. Talk to pretty much any expatriate who has been to more…

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Best International Schools in Bangalore

Expats in India find it equally tedious as finding an apartment, to get their children admitted into one of the best International schools in Bangalore that promises world class education, modern amenities and guarantees safety…

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best place to live in India

Driving in India – One Step Behind A Race Driver

As the roads of India are congested, driving in India is quite a task for the ones who are trained in the otherwise clear roads in the west. The congestion itself eliminates rash driving. Worse,…

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