Significance of Maha Shivaratri? An Indian Festival

In devotion to Lord Shiva, Maha shivaratri is celebrated annually by Hindus all over the world.  It is observed either on the 13th night or on the 14th day of Phalguna every year. The festival falls between…

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What is Christmas? The Meaning of Christmas

What is Christmas? Christmas is an annual celebration; celebrated on 25th December every year also making it one of the cultural festivals celebrated even by the non-Christians. The main purpose of the festival is to celebrate…

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How to celebrate Diwali, The Festival of Lights?

The Festival of lights, diwali is an ancient Hindu festival, which is celebrated every autumn. Diwali is celebrated for a period of five days that includes many rituals and preparation for the festival. Out of…

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What is Thanksgiving? Why Do We Celebrate It and How?

Thanksgiving is observed in western countries like America and Canada. In America, it is celebrated in the fourth Thursday of November and Canada, second Monday of October. It is one of the most dominant occasions…

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