How To Overcome Culture Shock in A Foreign Country

Moving to a foreign country. Could you get a culture shock? How to overcome culture shock? Sometimes, the best way to overcome culture shock is to enjoy the ride and live in the moment. A…

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incredible India

Things You Learn in Incredible India

Having come to India, you learn to see the world with a new pair of eyes. That’s why we call it incredible India. You learn a lot by coming in contact with different cultures, religious…

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transport system in india, expat life in Bangalore

Fleecing Cabbies – Downside of the Transport System in India

The cabbies in India are at the privileging end, due to the dearth in the cab-booking system. And if you argue a slightest on the sky-high fare demand, they even dare you to call the…

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Kolkata fish market

The Bargain Fish at the Kolkata Fish Market – A Bengali Tale

The vital ingredient for the Big Bong Theory; a Bengali can’t be a bangoli without his inborn gratitude for fish, thus the famous saying maachh-e-bhaat-e-Bangali (A Bengali is determined only by his love for a fish curry-rice meal)….

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places in Bangalore

Budget Places in Bangalore to Stay and Live

The garden city of India now boasts of high end companies of the world hence, a lot of people flock in every day in multiplying numbers to make a living there. Looking for budget places…

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