Fleecing Cabbies – Downside of the Transport System in India

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The cabbies in India are at the privileging end, due to the dearth in the cab-booking system. And if you argue a slightest on the sky-high fare demand, they even dare you to call the cops. The problem lay in the system which corrupts even the law keepers and bombards the commoners with the power to damage the system itself. Though it is a small problem, it is better having some knowledge on the transport fares of the concerned city you’re shortly to visit.

The transport system in India still has a long way to go in most cities. However, with Uber and Ola, the two most used apps to book taxis, the game is changing.

Airports are the thickest fleecing zones in the country. The transport system in India requires that cabbies lining up at the airports for passengers need to be licensed and should display a proper badge, but they have none of the said despite being under observation of the security personnel of police. The problem has hugely grown in the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai) which sees thousands of boarders every day who have no time to bargain with the cabbies, and they take the advantage whatsoever. But what boils my blood is the ill-behaved cabbies in India.

The fleecing trade holds the foreigners as prey as they have a very little knowledge about Indian fares and who don’t even bother as dollar value is twice the Indian money. But the real problem arises when the fleece excels even at the Indian passengers, who are not easy preys.

When you prepare your to-do list in India, make sure you have read all that pulp about the cab service and the Indian fares. Seek help from traffic check posts if needed, they are the real cure for fleecing cabbies.

The best thing you can do is to note down the cab number and straight away report to the local police station without the cabbie’s knowledge. A complaint can de-license and can even jail him. So it is vital that you keep the fare list at check and make sure the cab is running on the meter, which is very important. Be confident at your bargain with the cabbie to turn his loudmouth down, make an impression that you keep visiting India, and have sound knowledge on the determined fares. Don’t disclose much of your personal details to him, such as where you’re headed and what for; you can be a victim to a criminal offense, so beware!

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