places to visit in guwahati

Places to Visit in Guwahati and Shillong

Guwahati, being Assam’s capital and a key tea trading station of Assam, is sought after by most of the tea traders around the world, apart from which there is more about Guwahati than what meets…

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visit shimla

Places To Visit in Shimla, Kullu and Manali

Places to visit in Shimla India boasts of many gorgeous hill stations among which Shimla wins the brownie points. Being the capital town of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is at the focal point of connecting with…

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sudder street

What To Expect in Sudder Street, Kolkota?

Think of Sudder Street when you land in Kolkata for best deals in hotels. Sudder Street, is located at the focal point of the city and on the rear of the heritage shopping complex Esplanade,…

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Kolkata Taxi Refusal – Whose is the Power To Refuse?

Taxi refusal is an everyday incident in Kolkata. The increasing taxi refusals have taken the passengers by awe, and the administration does nothing to correct this blunder. Most of the times, you will find the…

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Places to Visit in Goa

The most exotic sea destination in India, Goa is the ultimate spell caster. It has no shortage of travelers around the year to get wind of the local bohemian life and loosen up. Since Goa…

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What is Thanksgiving? Why Do We Celebrate It and How?

Thanksgiving is observed in western countries like America and Canada. In America, it is celebrated in the fourth Thursday of November and Canada, second Monday of October. It is one of the most dominant occasions…

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visit in tawang

Places To Visit in Tawang

The area of Tawang spans about 2085 sq. Km and the borders that fall in the different regions are respectively Tibet in the North, Bhutan in the South-west and Seal as well as West Kameng…

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Tiger reserves

Ranthambore and Nagarhole – Two of The Most Beautiful Sanctuaries for Endangered Tigers of India

A jungle is always mystique and bone-chilling. There are many jungles in India that great places to visit. It is quite an experience to cut through the dense forest and catch a glimpse of the…

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Sunderbans, West Bengal

As the unsung heroes still die a hero, Sunderban is marching towards oblivion with every passing day with its beauty as breathtaking as ever. Due to nature’s deathly blow and the governing authority’s lack to…

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Places to Visit in Bangalore

Thinking of Bangalore, what crosses the mind at once is the climate, hence called the air conditioned city of India. Located in the Deccan Plateau of the South Eastern part of Karnataka, this is the…

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