How To Overcome Culture Shock in A Foreign Country

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Moving to a foreign country. Could you get a culture shock? How to overcome culture shock? Sometimes, the best way to overcome culture shock is to enjoy the ride and live in the moment.

A thorough research about the place of your future stay is going to give you a culture shock. On that note, get into connection with some people already staying there. Know from them their experiences; they might have gone through the same struggle, as not to feel like a loner.

In all likelihood, yours and their customs are going to be like chalk and cheese. However, opening up gets you into both bitter and sweet experiences that mold you into a more matured person. Let nothing disturb your mental peace and keep people in your life who encourage you rather than look down upon you. Realistic expectations are the key to the mental peace for oneself, and only and an open mind can hold realistic expectations, so keep disturbing problems at bay.

There is going to be a restless urge to isolate yourself but don’t fall into that pit, which is bottomless. Interact with people, no matter a group of locals. You will always have them willing to answer your questions and expose your culture to theirs. Your eagerness to learn will help you curve a niche in an alien atmosphere. On other thoughts, they might be eager to learn from you as well.

Always keep your family and friends at a dial away to have someone to talk to whenever you feel depressed because they are the people who understand you totally and will give all ears to your problems without being rude. Keeping in touch makes the homecoming process easier.

Find out here the symptoms of cultural shock and the way out:


  1. You’re likely to feel fatigued
  2. Lose appetite
  3. Increase alcohol use
  4. Homesickness
  5. Loneliness
  6. Feeling desperate like a child
  7. Intending to connect with the people to whom you can cry like a child.
  8. Anger pangs pour in
  9. Saddened

Though there is no urge in you to return home as everything surrounding you looks tempting and exciting to you, there is trouble likely to crop up when you’re alone trying tooth and nail to adjust with the foreign culture which comes from feeling alienated in a foreign land.

Have faith; time is going to turn everything fine soon as you slowly make friends and start understanding the hint of their culture. When you have gone through it all, you’ll grow into a more open-minded person and enjoy your time abroad, or you start acknowledging this country as your second home soon.

Knowing how to overcome culture shock can make your transition easier.


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