Best International Schools in Bangalore

Expats in India find it equally tedious as finding an apartment, to get their children admitted into one of the best International schools in Bangalore that promises world class education, modern amenities and guarantees safety…

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best place to live in India

Driving in India – One Step Behind A Race Driver

As the roads of India are congested, driving in India is quite a task for the ones who are trained in the otherwise clear roads in the west. The congestion itself eliminates rash driving. Worse,…

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Places To Visit in Diu and Bheemanipatnam

An avid sea lover will give anything to return to the bliss of magnificent blue waters. He will make use of every opportunity to catch a glimpse of the sea. Since forever, the sea destinations…

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How To Overcome Culture Shock in A Foreign Country

Moving to a foreign country. Could you get a culture shock? How to overcome culture shock? Sometimes, the best way to overcome culture shock is to enjoy the ride and live in the moment. A…

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incredible India

Things You Learn in Incredible India

Having come to India, you learn to see the world with a new pair of eyes. That’s why we call it incredible India. You learn a lot by coming in contact with different cultures, religious…

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Is India safe? Ensuring safety in the world’s oldest culture

For most foreigners coming to India, the most common question is, “Is India safe?” India is such a vast country with over a hundred cultures, ninety-five languages, and over 220 dialects. It attracts a sizable…

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transport system in india, expat life in Bangalore

Fleecing Cabbies – Downside of the Transport System in India

The cabbies in India are at the privileging end, due to the dearth in the cab-booking system. And if you argue a slightest on the sky-high fare demand, they even dare you to call the…

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places to visit in kerala

Gods Own Country – Places To Visit in Kerala

While the other Indian and western counterparts are in a cut-throat competition to attract a larger number of tourists, Kerala outshines all with its splendor and pleasant atmosphere. Let alone the heaven above clouds, the…

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Breathtaking Fiji – Where Your Nature Fantasy Comes To Life

Fiji is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean, officially known as the Republic of Fiji. The beautiful island country is admired for its developed economy in the Pacific island realm owing…

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places to visit in Ooty

Places to Visit in Ooty, A Paradise in Tamil Nadu

Visiting a hill station is always a high for an adventure junkie, and if the queen of all hill stations, Ooty, is in your bid, it can’t get any better. Ooty is one of the…

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