Things You Learn in Incredible India

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incredible India

Having come to India, you learn to see the world with a new pair of eyes. That’s why we call it incredible India. You learn a lot by coming in contact with different cultures, religious beliefs, and people below poverty level struggling to make ends meet. Also, you will experience many funny incidents of your life here.

India never fails to mesmerize, excite, and hold its visitor’s prisoner to the warmth of greetings from the locals. Judging by the famous saying, “Atithi Devo Bhava” (the guest is god), India lives up to the expectation truly, in fact, it soaks you so much in their love that you might not want to leave.

As you’ve done all that hair-splitting over the Indian culture, climate, and people, internet research can nowhere twin the real-life experience. Hence, here are some fascinating and important points you may want to know about India, Incredible India.

You become good with animals:

The Cow being Krishna’s (a Hindu god) pet it is worshipped. Indian roads are conveniently taken over by the stray cattle, and people are quite okay with that. In fact, in Gujarat, they fold their palms in a gesture of ‘Namaste’ to the cows before driving past. So you learn to cope up with having cows, dogs and other animals around you while you shop, drive, etc.

You start greeting people:

Secular India inhabited by people belonging to different religions and ushered with many festivals, will surely teach you to greet people according to the festival and expose you to the pomp and grandeur of the Indian festivals.

You become alert and resourceful:

As there always a threat of constant running water at play, you learn to be resourceful and a good planner, before you run out of water.

You learn to Adjust:

Adjust has melted into every wear and tear of our lives, so much so that it has become a way of life to us. So, you’ll learn to adjust in India.

Your taste buds start adapting to Spicy food:

Spice is synonymous to the Indian food. Bong, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian food are the frontrunners in that. So you grow patient to extra spicy food also.

You learn to be calm:

Traffic in India is unparallel to anything in this wide world. Bumper to bumper, signal to signal halts and the traffic controllers will test your patience first and then have you familiar with.

You will experience bizarre situations:

Once you’ve witnessed the Indian monsoon, you’ve fulfilled your life already. No place in the world can disappoint you with their annoying monsoon any longer.

You learn to Bargain:

You can bargain anything down to half its price and feel elated about it. #ithappensonlyinindia.

You become daring:

You start evading your way through moving objects at high speeds without paying a second thought to an accident. Because the speed stops where we stand, no matter mid-road.

Also, check out driving in India.

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