Haunted Places in California

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Haunted places in california

California is famous for its breathtaking mountains, scenic coastal vistas, iconic national parks, and elegant mansions. However, California is also the site of many of the country’s most haunted places. Here is a list of the most haunted places in California.

Hotel del Coronado

The Hotel del Coronado is a spectacular San Diego hotel that opened to guests in 1888. One of the hotel’s most unusual stories is that of bride Kate Morgan who checked into the hotel and was found dead on the steps several days after checking in. No one knows what happened to Kate, but guests have reported unusual occurrences in room 3312, the room Kate checked into. Objects move as if by themselves, murmured voices have been heard, and the curtains move as if a breeze is blowing into the room, even when the windows are closed. Some guests have also reported what they perceive to be the spirit of Kate walking through the hallways.


Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay was once a famous maximum security prison, which earned the dubious reputation of being one of the most inhumane prisons of its time. Native Americans wouldn’t go near the island because they felt it was haunted by evil spirits. Al Capone, one of the most infamous gangsters of his day, spent his final years in the prison. Visitors taking tours of the prison and paranormal investigators have reportedly heard screams, voices moaning, and doors slamming when no one is in the room.

Battery Point Lighthouse

The historic Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City has the reputation as being the seventh most haunted lighthouse in the country. Guests and people working in the lighthouse have had experiences they can’t explain. Several people have heard what sounds like someone stomping through the lighthouse rooms wearing heavy boots. People have had the sensation of being touched by an unseen person, and items have moved under their own power.

The Queen Mary

The iconic ship Queen Mary is permanently docked in Long Beach. The ship was built as a luxury ocean liner and was used as a ferry ship during World War II. Today, the ship is a hotel with a museum and several restaurants. The spirit of a sailor who tragically died after an accident in the engine room has been seen. Many visitors have heard children playing when no children were present. The most famous of the spirits that haunt the historic ship is the lady in white who appears at unexpected times and has startled many a visitor.

Whaley House

The Whaley House in San Diego appears to be a stately brick residence. In past times, the building was a granary, a morgue, a courthouse, a theater, and a general store. Before Thomas Whaley and his family lived on the property, several people died there. Violet Whaley, Thomas’ daughter, took her own life when she was living in the house. Visitors claim to hear heavy footsteps and some say they’ve seen the spirit of Thomas standing at the top of the staircase. An apparition floating through the rooms on the first floor may be the ghost of Violet.

Bessie Love House

In the 18th-century, two men were caught and murdered when they attempted to steal gold from Tiburcio Vasquez. A home was built on the site of the murders and was purchased by actress Bessie Love who knew nothing about the previous history of the location. Shortly after moving into her new home, she began to feel uneasy about staying there. Visitors claimed to hear voices and see the apparition of a cowboy. The site is reportedly still haunted today.

Dudley House in Ventura

The Dudley House doesn’t have a terrifying past, but unusual occurrences have been reported there. The Victorian-style house is one of California’s most elegant. It was the home to a man who was living there since 1892. He was one of the original family members to live in Dudley House. People have seen a flashing blue light from the windows of the kitchen, and a clock that hasn’t for worked for many years presumably chimes at regular intervals.

The Rengstroff House in Mountain View

The tale of the Rengstroff House is one of the most unusual in California’s paranormal history. The family was German immigrants who built a charming, 16-room, Victorian estate with a formal garden. The family lived in the house until 1959. Every subsequent owner has had paranormal experiences because of what appears to be the spirit of a teenage girl who can be seen staring out the window.

Sometimes the girl appears to be crying. One incident at the house involved some young mothers who came to visit and brought their three little boys with them. At one point the three children started staring at the window where the spirit of the girl is said to appear. The story goes that they began to speak in tongues until they were rushed away from the property and returned to normal.

Haunted Haight Walking Tour

If you want a ghostly experience in San Francisco, the San Francisco Ghost Society recommends the Haunted Haight Walking Tour. The tour is hosted by a paranormal investigator who takes groups around neighborhoods in the city while telling tales of the most famous ghostly encounters. Participants learn about local legends and documented paranormal cases.

Visit any of these haunted places in California, and you never know who or what you may encounter.

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