Places to visit in Pondicherry

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The French Riviera of India, Pondicherry the former name of Puducherry is one of the biggest tourist attractions of India. From a French ville “Pondicherry” was changed to the Tamil natakam “Puducherry “on the 20th September 2006. Fondly called by its visitors as “pondy”, has much more in store than just the blessing from Mother Nature. We’ve only shared some of the places to visit in Pondicherry, there are a lot more things to do for the exploring traveler.

Once you enter this beautiful union territory of India, you can stop think about the errands that need to be followed up after the holiday.  The clean streets, the sustained architecture of the French colonies, churches, temples and beaches will simply take your thoughts away from the hustling bustling city you come from. Not to forget the fine wine and the gourmet. The annual food festival which happens during July is something every foodie should look forward for. Adapt yourself to the “Pondy” lifestyle by going on cycling trips, hiking and horse riding for a change. Hit the beaches, go scuba diving and admire the corals and the marine life.

Don’t forget to visit some of the famous tourist spots before you leave. Here are some of the places to visit in Pondicherry:

1. The French quarters

The white and yellow decorative streets of the French quarters duplicate the streets of old France. Facing the beach with meagerly dressed visitors basking in the sun makes it a frilly place. Moreover, it is a residing home for some of the monuments like the French consulate, Rumain Rolland library, hotel de ville, the Gandhi memorial and the white town.

2. Sri Aurobindo ashram

Apart from being an ashram and a spiritual community of disciples of Sri Aurobindo, you will also find the tombs of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa popularly known as Mother.

3. Puducherry museum

If vintage is your taste, then don’t miss out this museum. Here you will find furniture’s and décor from the French era exhibited with cosset. Ancient Spanish and Greek pottery and amphorae which were excavated from Arikamedu are also exhibited here.

4. Sacred heart basilica

This red and white brick church was consecrated on December 17th 1907. With Medieval architecture and decorated with rare to find stained glass art showcasing the life events of Jesus Christ makes sacred heart a pilgrimage to many Christians.

5. Sri Manakula Vinayagar temple

Don’t miss the head pat from the temple elephants and also the precisely hand carved friezes of the temple.

6. Ayurveda holistic healing centre

This place gives you the benefit of Different kinds of ayurvedic massages for different treatments. Body detox and yoga courses are also serviced here.

The authenticity of cuisines can also be found here. Some of the must visit restaurants are:

1. l’espace

With an airy seating and comfortable furnishing, makes l’espace among the top restaurants visited in Pondicherry. The restaurant also serves alcohol.

2. Satsanga

This multi cuisine restaurant is bliss to the eye and the tongue. From serving authentic Indian cuisine to excellent continental satsanga is among the famous restaurants in Pondicherry. Seafood is a specialty here.

3. kasha ki aasha

The heavily decorated restaurant has something very Indian about it, just like its name. If breakfast is your stomachs first desire then don’t miss on the fresh pancakes and the euro- Indian food specialty.

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